Committed to humanitarian work

Join us encourage humanitarian activities. Together we will make a difference Michael Kors Handbags...

Creating new avenues for growth

We are creating extensive avenues for community growth and sustainability. Michael Kors Outlet UK ...

Development of High Yielding breeds

We are working towards development of high-yielding, low cost agricultural breeds for local farmers ...

Junk to Treasure

One man's Junk is another man's Treasure. Donate to VSC Cameroon and help someone in need Michael K...

  • Committed to humanitarian work

  • Creating new avenues for growth

  • Development of High Yielding breeds

  • Junk to Treasure

Culinary Program

VSC-Cameroon is exploring an opportunity of opening a culinary kitchen to train less privileged women/girls who have been victims of Gender Based- Violence (GBV) and orphans who are transitioning from orphanages to the larger community (world). 
The aim of the program is to empower these groups of persons with a trade. Meanwhile, proceeds from products sold will be used to fund more community programs. Graduates from this program will have the choice to stay and be employed with a salary or move on to search for jobs or establish their own businesses.

 Printing Program

One of the things that VSC-Cameroon want to see improve within the communities is computer literacy. We aim at opening a computer literacy centre where community members will be trained on both software and hardware programs. 
We are exploring the opportunity of using this project as one of our CED pilot projects. We intend that the trainees will work on projects that will be economically beneficial to the organization and community at large. Graduates from this program will be equipped with software and hardware skills and VSC-Cameroon will try to link them up with potential employers.