Committed to humanitarian work

Join us encourage humanitarian activities. Together we will make a difference Michael Kors Handbags...

Creating new avenues for growth

We are creating extensive avenues for community growth and sustainability. Michael Kors Outlet UK ...

Development of High Yielding breeds

We are working towards development of high-yielding, low cost agricultural breeds for local farmers ...

Junk to Treasure

One man's Junk is another man's Treasure. Donate to VSC Cameroon and help someone in need Michael K...

  • Committed to humanitarian work

  • Creating new avenues for growth

  • Development of High Yielding breeds

  • Junk to Treasure

Agriculture has been one of the first programs since the creation of VSC-Cameroon. The education of farmers on modern methods of agriculture and animal husbandry has been the principal focus of this program. VSC-Cameroon have partnered with agricultural experts to educate farmers on the cultivation of cassava and plantains as a quick source of income generation for farmers. The introduction of the PAF method for nursing plantain suckers has boosted the quality and quantity of plantain production in Cameroon.
Pig and poultry farming have also been encouraged as a rapid source of income generation within communities.
VSC-Cameroon is currently exploring opportunities of introducing green house and drip-irrigation methods of farming in the years ahead as a means to increase productivity and raise household incomes. We are currently searching for experts in these areas to support the technical aspects involved.