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Development of High Yielding breeds

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  • Committed to humanitarian work

  • Creating new avenues for growth

  • Development of High Yielding breeds

  • Junk to Treasure

Vital Signs Program

The health system in most Sub-Saharan countries is remotely and manually monitored. The non-computerization of health records is still a big problem in the health sector. The lack of professional ethics had caused a lot of Privacy issues in past attempts. The lack of appropriate technology and the location of some of these communities in rural areas is a course for concern.
Through evidence based research, we came to know that the non-availability of health records have led to fundamental errors by medical professionals leading to many deaths. For example, in 2013 in Bafut-Sub Division in the North-West Region of Cameroon, three lives were lost in one health centre because diabetic patients were administered glucose in an attempt to revitalize from a state coma which eventually led to dead’s.
VSC Vital Sign Program aims at educating community members on the importance of knowing your health status and promoting the idea of having a single health record which will help health professional to know their basic health history even in the event that they are brought to health centres in the state of non-consciousness. 
This program is principally volunteer run by our pool of home based and international health experts
Vital Sign Campaign Programs in Various communities
  • Blood sugar
Workshops with health experts on the importance of health records and privacy.

Healthy Mother Healthy Babies Program

Infant mortality is still very high in most rural communities in Cameroon. The causes could span from malturition, inadequate medical equipment and infrastructure, inadequate education etc. 
Teenage pregnancy is rampant as most communities encourage early marriages. Poverty is the order of the day in most of these communities.The lack of basic needs such as cloths, diapers, soap, traditional practices and nutritive food for babies are some of the contributing factors for infant mortality.
VSC-Cameroon comes in by providing first months needs for mothers and babies. We partner with community health centres and provide the basic necessities to families in need during the first months after child birth. Basically, we provide cloths, food, medication, diapers etc depending on the needs of the families. This program is done on referral bases and accessment takes place to see who qualifies.