Committed to humanitarian work

Join us encourage humanitarian activities. Together we will make a difference Michael Kors Handbags...

Creating new avenues for growth

We are creating extensive avenues for community growth and sustainability. Michael Kors Outlet UK ...

Development of High Yielding breeds

We are working towards development of high-yielding, low cost agricultural breeds for local farmers ...

Junk to Treasure

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  • Committed to humanitarian work

  • Creating new avenues for growth

  • Development of High Yielding breeds

  • Junk to Treasure

Youth Mentoring Program

VSC-Cameroon mentoring programs aim at giving youths the opportunity to discover their talents/interests, explore their future and realize their full potential as they transition to adulthood.
Community Mentoring Program
This program caters to at-risk youths ages 16-22, transitioning from care to independence/adulthood. This is a one-on-one mentorship program where youths meet with mentors every fortnight to get insight knowledge on specific skills through their process of transition into the community and/or adulthood. 
In School Mentoring Program
This program caters to youths ages of 6-18 and mentoring takes place within school hours. Mentoring is tailored towards making better decisions towards academic and career choices, bulling, and the importance of acquiring a college and university education.

Recreation for Development Program

Sports have always been identified as a positive force for youth development. VSC-Cameroon through sports, focus on the development of the following skills in youths; goal setting, time management, teamwork, leadership, self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, etc.
The sporting activities are an opportunity for youths to engage themselves and keep away from criminal and risky activities.